Measuring Workshop on the Valley of Hope’s Built Heritage


01-03·03·2018: Thai reception, BKK, Thailand
03-17·03·2018: Malay camp and exhibition, KL & Selangor, Malaysia

Final programe, 28.02.2018 / Sudjit S.Sananwai & Soong Khang Wei

House No.89, 91, 93, Pom MahakanHouse No.89, 91, 93, Pom Mahakan

House No.89, 91, 93, Pom Mahakan Community, BKK: South elevation by Kong Heng. Original scale 1/25, 2017

The Sungai Buloh SettlementThe Sungai Buloh Settlement

The Sungai Buloh Settlement was established in 1930, and was also known as the "Valley of Hope"


To work using a method that has been used in Finland for documentation. It is:

  • Easy to learn and work with,
  • Low-tech – no need for electricity or expensive tools,
  • Precise enough for scientific work,
  • Fast – by doing the necessary and nothing more,
  • Cheap, because of the use of simple tools and only little work,

Drawings that have been made in this process can easily make even a layman under-stand that the local tradition is valuable and an important part in the vernacular tradition of the whole world.


  • to learn the method by working it throughout the process
  • to become acquainted with the expertise of the participants and to create international contacts for further work in the field
  • to develop a method and models for international cooperation
  • to produce high quality measured drawings and exhibit them in a local exhibition at the end of the camp



  • the volunteers from international countries (5 persons)
  • the volunteers from local institutes (5 persons)
  • the veterans from ASA VERNADOC (5 persons)
  • the participants are used to making building drawings
  • they know the basics of measuring work
  • all the participants have to be ready to work and live in rather harsh conditions, not yet during this camp in 2018 though, but in their future fieldwork
  • everyone in the camp works in practice, no idling is accepted
  • min. one member in the “international countries” is competent to teach the method in their country

List of cooperating organizations:

  • The Association of Siamese Architects (ASA)
  • Suriwong Group, Malaysia (SRW)
  • King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL)
  • Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RMUTT)
  • Rangsit University (RSU)
  • ICOMOS Thailand
  • VERNADOC Thailand

Preliminary timetable:

  • 01-05·03·2018 Thai reception: introduction to Pom Mahakan community & Rattanakosin area, Bangkok
  • 03-17·03·2018 Malay camp and exhibition
    • 01-05.02.2018 site & accommodation survey, Bangkok & Kuala Lumpur
    • 12·02·2018 deadline for camp registrations
    • 14·02·2018 confirmation of the participants
    • 01·03·2018 meeting together at Villa Prah Sumen, BKK (10.00 am.) before one day trip around Kudi Chin community, the first site of ASA VENADOC since 2007. After dinner camp introduction about Pom Mahakan community from 8.00 pm. by two documentary films (Tomorrow we disappear (Indian) and Behide the wall (Thai)
    • 02·03·2018 one day trip around Pom Mahakan and Rattanakosin neighbourhood
    • 03·03·2018 check out from Villa Prah Sumen and depart to Kuala Lumpur (DMK airport)
    • 04-17·03·2018 the camp period
  • re-exhibit and seminar at Architect Expo 2018 by ASA for celebrate 10th year of ASA VERNADOC exhibition

Daily program:

  • working days are max. 8 hours long, depending on the weekday, weather, feeling …(the suitable time should be 8:00 am-12:00 am, 02:00 pm-7:00 pm)
  • everyone produces her/his own measure drawing,
  • in the evenings free performing programme, for example….

Accommodation and meals:

  • depend on ASA X SRW & Local organizer


  • the official language of the camp is vernacular English

The principles of the costs:

  • the participants are in charge of the international travel. ASA X SRW & Local organizer will pay the costs of accommodation and the meals at the site during the Thai reception and Malay camp period including flight ticket Bangkok- Kuala Lumpur (round trip)

More information:

  • further questions and information; please feel free to ask, even on the practical arrangements.

Asst.Prof.Sudjit S.Sananwai

Faculty of Architecture, Rangsit University
Pathum Thani, Thailand.12000
facebook fanpage: VERNADOC


Soong Khang Wei
Suriwong Group
facebook fanpage: VERNADOC Malaysia


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