Measuring Workshop with Community Act Network


16-29.07.2018: Khlong of BKK, Thailand
Final programme, 22.06.2018 / Sudjit S.Sananwai


Santa Cruz Church,House No.89, 91, 93, Pom Mahakan

Santa Cruz Church, water pavilion, BKK: by Theerat Pattanaparm. Original scale 1/20, 2010

The Sungai Buloh Settlement

Poster of ASA CAN workshop 2018



To work using a method that has been used in Finland for documentation. It is:

  • Easy to learn and work with
  • Low-tech – no need for electricity or expensive tools
  • Precise enough for scientific work
  • Fast – by doing the necessary and nothing more
  • Cheap, because of the use of simple tools and only little work

Drawings that have been made in this process can easily make even a layman under-stand that the local tradition is valuable and an important part in the vernacular tradi-tion of the whole world.



  • to learn the method by working it throughout the process
  • to become acquainted with the expertise of the participants and to create interna-tional contacts for further work in the field
  • to develop a method and models for international cooperation
  • to produce high quality measured drawings and exhibit them in a local exhibition at the end of the camp



  • Measuring and working drawing on the built vernacular heritage along the canal (Khlong) of BKK (Khlong Bangkok Yai, Khlong Phasi Charoen and Khlong Dan)



  • the volunteers from ASA member (4 persons)
  • the volunteers from local & international institutes (4 persons)
  • the veterans from ASA VERNADOC (2 persons)
  • the participants are used to making building drawings
  • they know the basics of measuring work
  • all the participants have to be ready to work and live in rather harsh conditions, not yet during this camp in 2018 though, but in their future fieldwork
  • everyone in the camp works in practice, no idling is accepted
  • min. one member in the “international countries” is competent to teach the method in their country


List of cooperating organizations:

  • The Association of Siamese Architects (ASA)
  • Community Act Network (CAN)
  • Rangsit University (RSU)
  • VERNADOC Thailand
  • Banana Studio


Preliminary timetable:

  • 30.06.2018 deadline for camp registrations
  • 07.07.2018 confirmation of the participants
  • 16.07.2018 meeting together at ASA office 9.00 am. / opening and special lecture all day
    6.00 pm. get in Glur BKK and Zhelter’BKK then welcome party
  • 17.07.2018 field visit by boat 8.00 am.
  • 18.07.2018 5 days for the measuring and basic drawing on site
  • 18.07.2018 Special lecture by Alongkorn Sangnikorn: 6.00 pm. At TCDC auditorium
  • 23.07.2018 check out, move to RSU dormitory
  • 23 – 28.07.2018 6 days for finishing of the drawings in ink at 19-401 Studio, RSU
  • 29.07.2018 present the final results on site
  • May 2019 exhibition at Architect Expo 2019


Daily program:

  • working days are max. 8 hours long, depending on the weekday, weather, feeling … (the suitable time should be 8:00 am-12:00 am, 02:00 pm-7:00 pm)
  • everyone produces her/his own measure drawing,
  • in the evenings free performing programme, for example….


Accommodation and meals:

  • depend on ASA and Local organizer / prepare sleeping bag in case of emergency



  • the official language of the camp is Thai and vernacular English


The principles of the costs:

  • the participants are in charge of the international travel costs. ASA and local organiz-er will pay the costs of accommodation and the meals at the site during the camp pe-riod.


More information:

  • further questions and information; please feel free to ask, even on the practical ar-rangements.



Asst.Prof.Sudjit S.Sananwai

Faculty of Architecture, Rangsit University
Pathum Thani, Thailand. 12000
facebook fanpage: VERNADOC